Since 2008, LINCOLOR is an authorized supplier of paints and coatings by ACE Hardware Corporation, a well-known company based in the U.S. Our distinctive feature is a highly-qualified team of managers and technologists. Our mission is to provide Russian consumers with the most state-of-the-art, innovative, ecologically safe and quality products of the U.S. paints and coating market and at most competitive price. We like to help people express their individuality through original house decor, bring comfort and pleasant atmosphere to administration and pre-school facilities. Each year we expand our geography, and today ACE PAINT products can be found everywhere, from Sochi to Khabarovsk.

The ever-increasing range of our products allows you to cover a variety of renovation, décor and construction needs. We’ll be glad to help you choose suitable merchandise with consideration for individual characteristics of your business, and satisfying the needs of different consumer segments. For your retail to be a success, we offer a program of Fast Fluid Management color complexes and training program for your sales staff and colorists.
We always have an optimum number of products in stock in Moscow.
Free quick delivery to Moscow shipping companies.
Free promo materials for your sales.
Regular workshops and master classes.
We always remain profitable and reliable partners as we offer:

  • high quality products at affordable price;
  • eco-friendly products;
  • minimum consumption per unit area;
  • multifunctional materials;
  • easy to apply paints;
  • high durability.

ACE paints from the U.S. are the best combination of high quality and affordable price!
Our company highly appreciates partnership and is always open to mutually beneficial cooperation!